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PhotoGIMP for Windows

Brazilian Diolinux Creates PhotoGIMP: Adobe Photoshop Alternative

  • Developer: Diolinux
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Windows
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PhotoGIMP Logo

PhotoGIMP is a free and open-source software designed for graphic design tasks. Created by Diolinux, an influential Brazilian blog, this program aims to offer users the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop's complex interface and GIMP's unrefined user experience. By integrating a patch, PhotoGIMP adjusts the look of both Photoshop and GIMP interfaces while enhancing their overall performance.
For those who love using advanced photo-editing tools but find Adobe's offerings too complicated and pricey, PhotoGIMP is an ideal choice. Despite its impressive similarities to Photoshop, GIMP has always lacked the familiarity users desire in a design program - but not anymore! The PhotoGIMP patch bridges that gap by including all desired features.
PhotoGIMP is designed primarily for GIMP installations via Flatpak, a popular platform used to distribute software applications and libraries. Users who installed their GIMP through this method can quickly convert it into an Adobe Photoshop-like experience by copying hidden folders from the home directory. However, those who installed GIMP via other means (apt, snap, or distribution package manager) will need to locate their GIMP config folder and paste the content from PhotoGIMP's .var/app directory.
Once installed, users enjoy a familiar interface similar to Adobe Photoshop while benefiting from additional features that set PhotoGIMP apart from other photo editors. This includes over 100 new fonts, a splash screen, and Python filters such as heal selection.
While PhotoGIMP offers the perfect alternative to users who feel their GIMP installations aren't cutting it for professional photo editing tasks, keep in mind that installation can be challenging and may require some technical knowledge. Those unfamiliar with the process should seek help from experts before attempting to install PhotoGIMP themselves.