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Raise To Answer for Android

Gyro Call Answering: Open-Source, Ad-Free Joy!

  • Developer: Sylvia van Os
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Android
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Raise To Answer Logo

Raise to Answer is a free mobile app developed by Sylvia van Os. This easy-to-use application enables users to answer incoming calls just by lifting their device, making use of the phone's built-in gyroscope sensors. The open-source app has no ads for a smoother user experience.
The application offers alternative solutions to common smartphone activities, specifically answering calls which usually require swiping. To prevent unintentional activation of the app, users are advised to hold their device near their ear before picking up a call. Other options include turning your phone face-down to decline incoming calls and adjusting the app's settings for audio feedback, such as beeps or vibrations.
Overall, while Raise to Answer offers a creative concept that could streamline the call-answering process on smartphones, its inconsistent performance may hinder user satisfaction. The app works as intended occasionally but can be unreliable at other times. Despite the convenient idea behind this application, its unpredictability makes it challenging to recommend in its current state. Users are encouraged to try Raise to Answer but should manage their expectations until further updates improve the app's functionality and consistency.