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ScreenTranslator for Windows

Instant Screen to Text Translator by OneMoreGres

  • Developer: OneMoreGres
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Windows
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ScreenTranslator Logo

ScreenTranslator is a handy software developed by independent developer OneMoreGres. This application allows users to quickly and easily translate text found in any open window on their device. With its powerful combination of screen capture, optical character recognition (OCR) engine, and translation tools, it can instantly transcribe any text displayed on the user's screen.
The software is designed to work with numerous languages for translations and supports translation requests regardless of language choice. Once installed, ScreenTranslator runs in the system tray without a main window to minimize distraction during use. To capture and translate text, users can define their own hotkey that allows them to select screen areas for translation using drag-and-drop functions.
ScreenTranslator employs Tesseract's OCR engine, which automatically recognizes text within the selected area and displays translated content immediately. Users can view translations in a popup window beneath the original text or as a notification balloon in their system tray.
However, there are some drawbacks to this software: translations come from Google Translate which can sometimes be imprecise and only works for English as the source text, limited by Tesseract's capabilities. Users should also consider these issues when choosing to use ScreenTranslator.
In conclusion, while ScreenTranslator is a valuable tool for instantly translating text from any open window on your device, users should be aware of its reliance on Google Translate as the main translation source. The developer may consider incorporating more accurate or reliable translation sources in future updates to improve overall user experience and satisfaction.