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SIGMA FF for Android

3D Sidescroll Fight: SIGMA FF Action Adventure!

  • Developer: SIGMA FF
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Android
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SIGMA FF is a cost-free action game created by the team at SIGMA FF. Contrary to what its name suggests, this isn't your typical battle royale game – instead, it presents a thrilling side-scrolling fighting adventure reminiscent of classic arcade games.
In this independent production, you're given the opportunity to select from two different characters and then journey through numerous levels filled with adversaries before coming face-to-face against a final boss. Though rendered in full 3D, the game offers interactive elements within its backdrops for an immersive experience that places you right into the action!
Unfortunately, this potentially outstanding title feels a little rushed and unpolished in parts. The gameplay mechanics of SIGMA FF resemble those from the iconic Double Dragon Trilogy, but there's a sense that it didn’t quite reach its full potential.
In SIGMA FF, you step into the shoes of an enforcer tasked with patrolling and maintaining peace in a crime-riddled city. The game utilizes a simple control scheme featuring four action buttons for punch, kick, blockade, and jump commands along with an integrated joystick to direct your character's movements.
As you make your way through the game levels leftwards or rightwards, enemy groups approach from all directions! After successfully defeating these foes, more enemies appear for additional challenges.
The game also includes various weapons and items scattered throughout the environment that you can use to support your progression through these levels, transforming SIGMA FF into a full-fledged beat 'em up game.
The fight mechanics in the game are relatively satisfying for an indie title, thanks to its clever utilization of combo-based attacks that can be timed and positioned accurately. However, the game also has some drawbacks.
For instance, the directional pad's responsiveness is questionable - it frequently misinterprets input and puts your character into potentially hazardous situations. Furthermore, while the game does an admirable job of recreating classic beat 'em up elements, it limits itself by only offering a single level that repeats indefinitely.
Overall, SIGMA FF has potential but is challenging to appreciate fully at this point. It captures the classic alleyway brawl aesthetic and feel but lacks depth in its storyline or characterization. Each enemy you encounter is identical, which can detract from the overall gameplay experience.
Nevertheless, SIGMA FF has a promising premise at its core - it's an action-packed side-scrolling game with exciting combat sequences and combo possibilities. With further expansion of the content, SIGMA FF could become much more engaging for players in search of a thrilling action game adventure.