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Skype: Unite Worlds with Chat & Video

  • Developer: Skype
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Windows
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Skype is a tool that helps people talk to each other using the internet. It was created by Microsoft and it lets you use your voice, pictures, written words, or even what's on your computer screen to connect with others! You can talk to friends who live far away like they are right next door. It is easy, safe, and fun for everyone!
Skype lets you:
1. Talk with your voice or show them pictures of yourself - we call this "voice calls" and "video calls." It works like a telephone but over the internet.
2. Send messages to your friends, just like writing letters - we call this "messaging." You can do it one-on-one or with a group of people.
3. Share files, like photos and documents - we call this "file transfer." You can send big stuff without needing extra paper or envelopes!
4. Show what's on your computer screen to others - we call this "screen sharing." This is great if you need help fixing something or showing off a project.
5. Talk with lots of people at once - we call this "group calls." You can invite many friends for things like family gatherings or team meetings!
To use Skype, follow these steps:
1. Get the app on your computer from Microsoft's website and install it there.
2. Create an account using email or phone number like joining a club!
3. Find friends to talk with by searching their name, email address, or phone numbers just like looking them up online.
4. Start a conversation! Pick what kind of call to make (voice/video) and start talking with your friends by clicking their name on the list.
5. Write messages, share files or screens for extra fun! It's like having a magic box that lets you talk to people anywhere in the world using many ways of communication.
6. Remember, always be careful about sharing your private stuff because safety is important too! Skype works hard to keep everyone safe while they chat and share things online.
There are lots of good reasons why people like using Skype:
1. It doesn't cost a lot - sometimes it is even free! That makes it great for saving money compared to old-fashioned phones calls or postage stamps.
2. More ways of talking make life easier - like working together from different places, which is great if you have friends who live far away or coworkers all around the globe!
3. People can connect everywhere because Skype works on phones, computers and tablets – almost like having a walkie-talkie that you carry in your pocket all the time!
4. Skype helps keep messages safe using secret codes, so only people who should see them actually get to look at them – like having a private conversation in a loud room.
5. By connecting everything else, Skype works really well with other stuff Microsoft makes - kind of like being friends with your favorite superhero!