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Sonma Typing-Expert for Windows

Master Hindi & English Typing with Sonma Expert! Fun Learning in 1-30 Minutes!

  • Developer: I am a student
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Windows
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Sonma Typing-Expert Logo

Sonma Typing Expert is a fantastic app designed for English and Hindi speakers who want to improve their typing skills in both languages. This software makes it simple for bilingual typists to practice accuracy and speed across these two different alphabets, even if they're not fluent in speaking or writing the languages. Unlike other programs like TypingMaster and Typing Test, Sonma focuses on English and Hindi specifically. A user-friendly option for all!
Sonma Typing Expert is one of the easiest-to-use typing software applications available today, with a clear and straightforward interface. With numerous exercises in English and Hindi to help you improve accuracy and speed, this app has everything you need for better typing skills in both languages.
Sonma Typing Expert works by addressing the differences between Hindi digital keyboards and English QWERTY keyboards, which most other translation programs fail to do. As you progress through stages of difficulty in each exercise, you can switch between languages with just a few clicks and monitor your performance through speed and accuracy statistics recorded by the program.
Using Sonma Typing Expert, you can also print out your scores with a username to apply for various job opportunities or showcase your skills to potential employers. By setting the test duration manually and selecting specific goals, you can customize your learning experience with this software.
In addition to English and Hindi typing exercises, Sonma Typing Expert allows users to choose their preferred keyboard layouts for even more customization. The app offers various types of exercise focusing on different aspects, such as words, sentences, and letter groups to help you master typing skills quickly and easily.
This software also provides comprehensive tests in both languages with multiple difficulty levels. By measuring the number of errors, it helps users to improve their typing accuracy and speed over time. You can correct any mistakes you make during a test by erasing them; however, once that mistake is corrected, it cannot be changed again within the sentence.
Sonma Typing Expert features a scoring system that records and prints your results at any time so you can consistently evaluate your progress throughout the learning process. With easy access to tests ranging from one minute up to 30 minutes long, this software offers flexibility and customization for each user's needs.
Available as a free download for Windows devices, Sonma Typing Expert is an exceptional program to enhance your typing skills in both English and Hindi. Users worldwide have praised this software after just a few weeks of engaging with it, so why not give Sonma Typing Expert a try today? With its interactive design and focus on Hindi typing along with pause/resume options, this software stands out among other typ