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Spectacle for Mac

Customize Windows for Free with Spectacle App

  • Developer: Eric Czarny
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Mac
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Spectacle Logo

Spectacle is a free software application that empowers you to rearrange, resize and prioritize your windows using customizable keyboard shortcuts. It offers an easy way to manage your screen layout by giving you full control over window positions with the convenience of simple keystrokes.
This open-source tool allows you to create your own shortcuts for various tasks, such as splitting windows side by side or stacking them on top and bottom. You can even assign a specific shortcut to move a particular window to the front, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of your screen. Spectacle's versatile functionality makes handling multiple windows seamless and efficient.
Key features include:
1. Customizable keyboard shortcuts for quick access to various window management tasks.
2. Split windows horizontally or vertically with ease, allowing for a more organized workspace.
3. Prioritize specific windows by moving them to the foreground using designated shortcuts.
4. Completely free and open-source, offering flexibility in usage without any limitations.