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Termux is a free software tool for mobile devices, created by developer Fredrik Fornwall. It allows users to have an emulated command terminal inside a Linux environment on their Android device. With Termux, they can automate tasks and communicate between applications easily. It works without root access like other command tools such as Shell Terminal Emulator or Aris.
Termux gives users more control over their Android device, revealing hidden aspects of the operating system that are typically overlooked by most people. Although it is essentially just a mobile Linux distribution with a graphical user interface instead of a command terminal, this simplicity makes the experience more intuitive for users.
If you want to explore and take advantage of Android's open-source capabilities, Termux is a valuable tool in doing so. It acts as a terminal emulator that can run within the Android system without any special requirements like root access for additional resources. The app has a plain black background and text-based interface, giving it a classic look.
Users can choose between bash or zsh shells for their experience. They can manage files with nano or vim and even access remote servers via SSH within the app itself. Additionally, users can use Termux's python console as a pocket calculator or play text-based games like frotz. You can even do some coding in C with the Clang compiler and GDB debugger right from Termux.
However, please note that Termux is not compatible with Android 12 devices. The app is primarily designed for advanced users familiar with terminal interfaces and their commands to get the most out of it. While it may be a steep learning curve for beginners, Termux is ideal for power users who want more control and customization options within the Android environment without rooting their device.