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TextNow for Android

Free Android Calls & Text with WiFi - Discover TextNow!

  • Developer: Enflick, Inc.
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Android
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TextNow Logo

TextNow is a free app that lets you make calls and send texts using WiFi or the internet. As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), it works with other cellular providers to offer phone service without any hidden fees. You can communicate with anyone, anywhere using TextNow! There's an option for WiFi and internet connection usage, but you need a premium plan subscription to use it.
TextNow is like other communication apps that rely on WiFi or an internet connection for texting and calling, such as 2ndLine - Second Phone Number and textPlus Free Text + Call. It offers a US phone number for free messaging within North America through its Android app, with customizable caller ID options in various area codes. For international calls, you'll need to purchase credits or watch ads for free ones. TextNow launched as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application in 2009, offering users US phone numbers with WiFi-enabled calling and texting capabilities.
TextNow operates as an MVNO using Nationwide Sprint Network cellular service in the US to provide wireless coverage for smartphones, with a variety of features that let you communicate worldwide. You can send messages, photos or stickers and make voice calls without any extra charges. The app also supports video messaging to stay connected with loved ones visually. TextNow ensures your data is private, using PassCode features and Google Smart Lock for secure login without entering a passcode each time you use the app.
Customize your signature based on who you're texting, change backgrounds and sounds in messages or calls for a personal touch. Quick Reply feature allows one-word responses to friends like 'yes' or 'maybe'. Additional TextNow features include using your US phone number for free calls and texts when in the country, unlimited voice and video calls to Canada and the US, compatibility across devices (phone, computer or tablet), calling without WiFi only in the US.
You can transcribe voicemails to text and use conference calls for multiple conversations, even send texts from a computer using any browser at TextNow is free nationally within the US and Canada; internationally, you can use ads for credits to make free calls or purchase a subscription for ad-free experience. Over 100 million people are already using TextNow, making it popular among those seeking affordable texting and data plans options without compromising on quality of service.