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Windows 10 is a user-friendly operating system designed for computers and Microsoft devices such as the Surface tablet. Released in July 2015, it regularly receives updates to add new features and fix issues. The OS upgrade improves user experience through various enhancements like accessibility and web browsing.
Yes, you can download Windows 10 for free if you have a previous version of the Windows operating system. To install it, go to 'Update & Security' in your settings and check for updates. If you can't find an option to download the OS, then your device may not be ready yet.
Microsoft gradually releases operating system functionality which sometimes causes problems that need adjustments. To get Windows 10 on a computer, you can manually download the software onto your device. If you purchase a new Microsoft PC, it will already have Windows 10 installed.
Windows 10 comes with free Word and other professional-grade programs like PowerPoint, Excel etc., which are important for college and business environments. Internet Explorer is also included in the OS.
Windows 10 includes a web browser called Edge, which was released in January 2020 and can be found natively within the operating system. Like Google Chrome, it is built on Chromium platform which makes Edge browser quickest they've ever created.
Microsoft offers a variety of extensions for the web browsing application, accessible from the Microsoft Edge extension page. To activate an add-on like AdBlock or Zoom, simply click on its toggle bar next to its title; it will turn blue when active within the browser.
You can customize your Edge app with free and easily accessible extensions by navigating through 'Extensions' in settings or using a shortcut key - Alt + Tab. You can even choose the number of tabs that appear with other windows by going to 'System' in settings, then 'Multitasking', and selecting from available options.
The new Windows 10 ‘Start Menu’ design has fewer colors behind the icons, which might be undesirable for some users who prefer previous versions' aesthetics. To revert back to the old design, go into settings and change color theme from ‘Light’ or 'Dark'.
The standard Windows 10 Home version is less secure than the more expensive Pro edition, excluding BitLocker device encryption and Windows Information Protection. Mac OS has a better ability to sync multiple devices under one account compared to Microsoft's offerings, which are slowly improving in this area as well.
Windows 10 has plenty of features and native software such as the free Microsoft Office Suite but requires attention to important aspects like syncing capabilities, which are released gradually. Keep up with new releases by visiting their official website or joining the Windows Insider Program Members for updates and news about upcoming features.