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WoeUSB for Windows

Portable Win Installer on USB with WoeUSB

  • Developer: Slacka
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Windows
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WoeUSB is a helpful software tool that lets you make your very own bootable Windows setup USB drive from an existing Windows Installation disc or image. It was created by slacka and is a better version of Congelli501's old WinUSB software, which hadn't been updated for years.
This tool helps you create a portable Windows installer on a USB flash drive instead of just using a CD or DVD, making it easier to carry around and share with others. You know how there are many computer operating systems out there? Well, having an installer on a USB stick is much more convenient than using CDs or DVDs.
Sometimes you want to try out a new operating system, but it's not as easy as simply downloading it from the internet like other software. Many of these official OS installers come on CDs or DVDs and need to be purchased, which can make things less convenient if you want a portable solution. That's why software like WoeUSB exists – it makes creating bootable installers on USB sticks simple and easy.
WoeUSB is similar to WinUSB by Congelli501, but with a few improvements like its own graphical user interface (GUI) wrapper. This means you can choose between using the GUI or command-line to run your bootable installer, depending on what's easier for you. Plus, WoeUSB supports both Legacy/MBR-style/IBM PC-compatible bootmode and Native UEFI booting to cover more options for different systems.