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Word Count for Windows

Sublime Text: Real-time Word Counter

  • Developer: GitHub
  • License Type: free
  • Language: english
  • Platform: Windows
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Introducing CharCounter Plus, a versatile and user-friendly software designed to keep track of characters, words, lines, and pages in your documents. This powerful tool easily integrates into any text editor's status bar for instant access to essential writing statistics while you work.
CharCounter Plus is part of the Sublime Text family, an open-source project highly regarded on GitHub and available for free download. With a total of 111 commits across two branches, the software has produced one release, boasting contributions from an impressive group of 16 developers. The community affectionately named this tool "word count," showcasing its popularity and usefulness among users worldwide.
Our goal with CharCounter Plus was to create a simple, intuitive tool for writers of all skill levels to monitor their progress in real-time without any distractions. By integrating seamlessly into your preferred text editor, you can focus on creating content while CharCounter Plus takes care of the counting for you.
Key Features:
1. Real-time document analysis - Instantly see your word, character, line, and page counts as you type or edit your text without the need to navigate away from your main editing window.
2. Customizable status bar display - CharCounter Plus seamlessly integrates into any supported editor, ensuring a consistent and familiar user experience across multiple platforms and devices.
3. Versatile compatibility - With support for numerous popular text editors, CharCounter Plus adapts to your preferred writing environment without the need for additional plugins or extensions.
4. Easy-to-understand statistics - Clear, concise information helps you make informed decisions about your content's structure and length as you work on projects large or small.
5. Free to use - As part of the open-source Sublime Text family, CharCounter Plus is available at no cost so that you can take full advantage of its benefits without any financial barriers.
6. Active community support - Join the growing number of users who rely on CharCounter Plus and benefit from an active, friendly community eager to offer assistance and share their own writing tips.
7. Regular updates - Our dedicated team of developers is committed to ensuring CharCounter Plus remains at the forefront of text analysis tools, providing timely improvements and new features based on user feedback.
Experience the benefits of a professional writing tool without sacrificing ease-of-use or flexibility, thanks to CharCounter Plus's powerful and user-friendly design. Get started today by downloading the free software from GitHub and unlock your document's full potential with instant access to essential writing statistics at any time during your creative process.