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WWDC 2017 for macOS for Mac

Relive WWDC Magic: Mac App for Past Events

  • Developer: Insidegui
  • License Type: free
  • Language:
  • Platform: Mac
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WWDC 2017 for macOS Logo

Introducing WWDC Companion, an app tailored for Mac users who want to stay updated and engaged with Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference events. This user-friendly software provides a seamless experience as it allows Mac users not only to watch the live WWDC sessions but also to download and save them for future viewing.
The app's innovative design ensures a comfortable experience by syncing with your ChromeCast, enabling you to watch the WWDC events on your television or other monitors. With AirPlay and iCloud integration coming soon, users can expect an even more convenient and streamlined experience for all their Apple event needs.
In addition to live streaming capabilities, WWDC Companion allows you to explore past events with ease, giving users access to an extensive library of Apple software launch experiences. The app's clean interface and simple navigation make it the perfect choice for staying up-to-date with everything related to Apple’s latest software releases, developments, and announcements.
Key features of WWDC Companion include:
1. Live streaming access for current and past Apple events.
2. Easy downloading option to view content later offline.
3. Integration with ChromeCast, AirPlay, and iCloud for seamless viewing experience on multiple devices.
4. Comprehensive event archive to explore past Apple software launch experiences.